Stepper Motor Drivers

The two-phase hybrid stepping motor drivers listed below are designed to work with the Nema 17, 23, 34 and 42 stepper motors. These are perfect to use for a range of numerical-controlled devices of which CNC machines is most popular. Each driver indicates the connections on the top of the driver. 

For 24/12V controller output to 5V input, please add inline step-down resistor.

Signal cabling: Pay close attention to the number of cores required ( 3 for PUL+DIR, 4 for PUL+DIR+ENA) and shielding depending on the application and its environment. 


Stepper Motor Driver
Single Output Switching Power Supply
SKU MPN# Frame Interface Rated Current Voltage Stock Status Price (Excl.) SKU Stock Status Price (Excl.)
102269 DQ420MA Nema 17 Pul+Dir 5V 2.8A 12-36 DC 22 201016 Back-order
100551 DQ542MA Nema 23 Pul+Dir 5V 4.2A 18-50 DC 67 100542 Back-order
200622 DQ860HA Nema 34 Pul+Dir 5V 7.2A 24-80 AC / 24-110 DC 4 100543 Back-order
100645 DQ860MA Nema 34 Pul+Dir 5V 7.8A 24-80 DC Discontinued 100543 Back-order
102148 DQ2522MA Nema 42-99mm Pul+Dir 5-24V 5A 110-230 AC 35
101396 DQ2722MA Nema 42-210mm Pul+Dir 5-24V 7A 110-230 AC 13