Brushless DC Motors

Low torque DC motors. Featuring stable RPM with hall feedback to driver.

Consult the diagram here for the three speed control options:

1. External PWM signal

2. External analog reference signal

3. Potentiometer on the driver


Brushless DC Motor
Brushless DC Motor Driver
SKU MPN# Rated Power Rated Speed Rated Voltage Stock Status Price (Excl.) SKU MPN# Stock Status Price (Excl.)
200499 57BLF02 125.00W 3000RPM 24V 1 200512 BLDC-6012S Back-order
200500 57BLF03 188.00W 3000RPM 24V Back-order 200512 BLDC-6012S Back-order

Brushless DC Motor Driver
SKU MPN# Voltage Stock Status Price (Excl.)
200512 BLDC-6012S 18-60V DC Back-order