Rotary Encoders

Encoders are used in machinery for motion feedback and motion control. There are two main types of encoders, absolute and relative. Relative encoders need the control system to calculate and maintain position. Homing is used to calibrate the initial position. Both types of encoders provide speed and direction by means of encoding, which is quadrature most commonly.

Below a selection of most popular all-purpose encoders. For additional products and detailed product information, please consult the datasheet.

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Rotary Encoder
SKU MPN# Input Voltage Output Signal Type Pulses Stock Status Price (Excl.)
101601 YT06-OP-360F-2M 5-24V AB-PNP 360PPR Back-order
101602 YT06-OP-600F-2M 5-24V AB-PNP 600PPR Back-order
101376 E6B2-CWZ3E-1024 5-12V ABZ-NPN 1024PPR Back-order
102097 E6B2-CWZ3E-360 5-12V ABZ-NPN 360PPR 7
101601 101376