DIN-Rail Power Supplies

DIN-Rail power supplies are a special type of power supply that is mounted onto DIN Rail. These electrical devices provide a convenient and space-saving solution for providing power to devices used in process control, factory automation, power distribution, and other industrial applications.

DIN-Rail Power Supply
SKU MPN# Output Voltage Rated Current Rated Power Stock Status Price (Excl.)
201009 MDR-20-5 5V 3A 20.00W 2
201010 MDR-20-24 24V 1A 20.00W 4
201012 HDR-30-5 5V 3A 30.00W Back-order
201013 HDR-30-24 24V 1.5A 30.00W Back-order
201008 MDR-40-24 24V 1.7A 40.00W 4
201011 MDR-60-24 24V 2.5A 60.00W 2
201014 HDR-60-24 24V 2.5A 60.00W Back-order