Heat-shrink Tubing

Heat shrink Kit
SKU Name Stock Status Price (Excl.)
102079 Heat shrink Kit, 127 Pieces - Black Back-order
Heat Shrink
SKU MPN# Width Shrink To Colour Length Stock Status Price (Excl.)
102649 CP32PCL 3.2mm 1.6mm Clear 40mm 32
102650 CP48PCL 4.8mm 2.4mm Clear 40mm 51
102651 CP64PCL 6.4mm 3.2mm Clear 40mm 46
102652 CP95PCL 9.5mm 4.7mm Clear 40mm 62
201050 CP95PBK 9.5mm 4.8mm Black 40mm 50
102653 CP127PCL 12.7mm 6.4mm Clear 40mm 60
201051 CP127PBK 12.7mm 6.4mm Black 40mm 52
102666 CP190PCL 19mm 9mm Clear 40mm Back-order
201052 CP190PBK 19mm 9.5mm Black 40mm 48
Shrinks to half the width.
Clear heat shrink is great for effectively marking cables with own custom labels.
Simply print on A4 printer. Cut the label out and heat shrink onto the cable.
Cross reference cables to design.