Trunking & DIN-Rail

Guide cable and organise short runs. Supplied in 2 meter lengths. The cover snaps on and is removable, for longer runs the trunking can be mounted end-to-end.

DIN Rail is a metal rail used to mount electrical devices. Due to the uniform profile, it ensures electronic devices from different manufacturers can be mounted on the same rail.

Finger Trunking with Snap-On Cover
SKU MPN# Width Height Slot Width Length Material Stock Status Price (Excl.)
200966 02576 25mm 40mm 10mm 2m PVC 5
200964 02579 40mm 40mm 10mm 2m PVC 5
200965 00837 60mm 40mm 10mm 2m PVC 3

SKU MPN# Width Height Length Material Slot Stock Status Price (Excl.)
101829 TS35S 35mm 7.5mm 2m Zinc-Plated Steel 6.3x25mm Back-order