DMM-Tech Servos

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DMM Servo Motor
DYN4 AC Servo Drive
SKU MPN# Frame Keyway Peak Speed Peak Torque Rated Power Rated Speed Rated Torque Stock Status Price (Excl.) SKU MPN# Stock Status Price (Excl.)
102373 880-DST-A6HK1 80mm Key 5000RPM 7.16Nm 0.75kW 3000RPM 2.39Nm 4 102371 DYN4-H01A2-00 4
102375 115-DST-A6HK1 130mm Key 3000RPM 23.3Nm 1.3kW 1500RPM 8.27Nm 1 102372 DYN4-T01A2-00 1
102376 120-DST-A6HK1 130mm Key 3000RPM 28.7Nm 1.8kW 1500RPM 11.5Nm Back-order 102372 DYN4-T01A2-00 1

DYN4 AC Servo Drive
SKU MPN# Frame Interface Stock Status Price (Excl.)
102371 DYN4-H01A2-00 0.75~1.0kW Pulse/Analog/RS232 4
102372 DYN4-T01A2-00 1.3~1.8kW Pulse/Analog/RS232 1
DMM Servo Cable
SKU MPN# Length Series Type Stock Status Price (Excl.)
102378 CAMP-HL3-SSP 3m DYN4 Motor 5
102377 CAEN-HL3-TSP 3m DYN4 Encoder 5
102380 CAMP-HH3-SSP 3m DYN4-130mm Motor Back-order
102379 CAEN-HH3-TSP 3m DYN4-130mm Encoder Back-order

Please pay close attention to selecting the correct cable for motor frame and drive selection as per the table below.

SKU MPN# Name Stock Status Price (Excl.)
102384 CA-MTUSB-FR1 USB to Molex 7pin Dyn drive tune up cable Back-order