Drag Chains

Contain and guide all wiring and cabling with flexible drag chains. These light-weight but durable drag chains are sold in 1 meter lengths with mounting tabs at both ends.

Sections can be lenghtened or shortened to fit exact requirements. Dimensions given are internal. 


Drag Chain
SKU MPN# Bending Radius ID ID2 Length Material Stock Status Price (Excl.)
101378 18mm 10mm 20mm 1000mm Plastic 25
101379 18mm 15mm 30mm 1000mm Plastic Back-order
101646 18mm 15mm 40mm 1000mm Plastic 70
101647 31mm 25mm 57mm 1000mm Plastic 43
102360 68mm 35mm 50mm 1000mm Plastic 8
102361 68mm 35mm 60mm 1000mm Plastic 53
102362 68mm 35mm 75mm 1000mm Plastic 39
102363 68mm 35mm 100mm 1000mm Plastic 73