Leadshine ES Servos

ES-D Series motors and drivers are closed loop servo systems and an easy drop-in replacement for stepper motors to gain higher accuracy and almost instantaneous torque.

This range is not very well suited for torque control (i.e. winding use-case, but are great for positioning and velocity control, i.e. CNC use-case). For torque control please refer to our DMM and Leadshine ELD range.


ES Servo Motor
ES Servo Drive
SKU MPN# Frame Holding Torque Keyway Lead No. Length Rated Current Series Shaft Diameter Step Angle Stock Status Price (Excl.) SKU MPN# Stock Status Price (Excl.)
102110 ES-M32309 Nema 23 0.9Nm Flat 3 73mm 3.4A ES-M3 8mm 1.2° 9 102089 ES-D508 9
102112 ES-M32320 Nema 23 2Nm Flat 3 97mm 3.4A ES-M3 8mm 1.2° Back-order 102089 ES-D508 9
102120 ES-M23440 Nema 34 4Nm Key 4 101mm 5.5A ES-M2 14mm 1.8° Back-order 102090 ES-D808 Back-order
102121 ES-M23480 Nema 34 8Nm Key 4 139mm 6A ES-M2 14mm 1.8° Back-order 102090 ES-D808 Back-order
ES Servo Drive
Single Output Switching Power Supply
SKU MPN# Frame Interface Series Stock Status Price (Excl.) SKU Stock Status Price (Excl.)
102089 ES-D508 Nema 23 Pul+Dir 5V ES-M3 9 100542 Back-order
102090 ES-D808 Nema 34 Pul+Dir 5V ES-M2 Back-order 102345 Back-order
ES Servo Cable
SKU MPN# Length Series Type Stock Status Price (Excl.)
102597 CABLEH-RZ1M5 1.5m ES Power 3
102340 CABLEH-BM1M2 1.2m ES-M2 Encoder Back-order
102288 CABLEG‐BM1M2 1.2m ES-M3 Encoder 60
102598 CABLEH-RZ3M0 3m ES Power Back-order
102305 CABLEH-BM3M0 3m ES-M2 Encoder 15
102289 CABLEG‐BM3M0 3m ES-M3 Encoder 4
102599 CABLEH-RZ5M0 5m ES Power 1
102306 CABLEH-BM5M5 5m ES-M2 Encoder Back-order
102290 CABLEG‐BM5M0 5m ES-M3 Encoder 4
102601 CABLEH-RZ10M0 10m ES Power Back-order
102307 CABLEH‐BM10M0 10m ES-M2 Encoder 4
102291 CABLEG‐BM10M0 10m ES-M3 Encoder 2

ES Series power cables applies to both ES2 and ES3 motors. 
Use ES-M2 series cables for motors with prefix ES-M2.
Use ES-M3 series cables for motors with prefix ES-M3 


ES Servo Drive Interface Cable
SKU MPN# Name Stock Status Price (Excl.)
102109 Cable-PC ES Servo Drive Interface Cable - RS232 to RJ11 7