Leadshine ACM Servos

ACM Servo's are a cost-effective servo solution featuring automatic tuning for tuning of velocity and position loop to adjust rigidity and suppress vibration.

ACM Servo Motor
ACM Servo Motor Driver
SKU MPN# Frame Keyway Peak Speed Peak Torque Rated Power Rated Speed Rated Torque Stock Status Price (Excl.) SKU MPN# Stock Status Price (Excl.)
102183 ACM604V60-T-2500 Nema 24 Key 5mm 5000RPM 3.8Nm 0.4kW 3000RPM 1.27Nm 1 102190 ELD5-400 Back-order

ACM Servo Motor Driver
Single Output Switching Power Supply
SKU MPN# Frame Interface Stock Status Price (Excl.) SKU Stock Status Price (Excl.)
102190 ELD5-400 Nema 24 Pul+Dir 5V Back-order 100542 Back-order
ACM Servo Cable
SKU MPN# Length Series Type Stock Status Price (Excl.)
201034 CABLE-ENCODER-1.2 1.2m ACM Encoder Back-order
102156 CABLE-ACM WINDING 1.2m 1.2m ACM Power Back-order
201035 CABLE-ENCODER-03 3m ACM Encoder Back-order
102157 CABLE-ACM WINDING 3m 3m ACM Power 36
201036 CABLE-ENCODER-05 5m ACM Encoder Back-order
102158 CABLE-ACM WINDING 5m 5m ACM Power 21
201037 CABLE-ENCODER-10 10m ACM Encoder 3
102159 CABLE-ACM WINDING 10m 10m ACM Power 13
Power Cable 

ACM Servo Drive Interface Cable
SKU MPN# Name Stock Status Price (Excl.)
102338 CABLE-ACH1000 ACM Servo Drive Interface Cable - RS232 to IEEE 1394 Back-order