Pendants allow operators to change position clockwise or counter clockwise. USB wired and wireless pendants can only be used with Mach3. Manual (panel mount) hand wheels come with screw connectors for VCC, GND and quadrature ouput. It can be used for interfacing with LinuxCNC or PLC's.

SKU MPN# Axis Interface Stock Status Price (Excl.)
101249 LHB04B-4 4 Mach3 - Wired 3
200495 LHB04B-6 6 Mach3 - Wired Back-order
101025 WHB04B-4 4 Mach3 - Wireless 4
102088 WHB04B-6 6 Mach3 - Wireless Back-order
Wired Model Wireless Model
Hand Wheel
SKU MPN# Input Voltage Output Signal Type Pulses Stock Status Price (Excl.)
101945 QYKJ600-100B-5L 5V AB/A/B 100PPR 11
200975 QYKJ600-100B-24V 24V AB 100PPR 17
Hand Wheel