SBR Rails

Made from C45 medium carbon hardened steel, the chrome plated range of SBR Linear Rails, along with the support and pillow blocks will make machines run smoothly. Pre-cut lengths available as listed below. 

SBR Rail
SKU MPN# Diameter Length Stock Status Price (Excl.)
101272 SBR12-L300mm 12mm 300mm Back-order
101273 SBR12-L500mm 12mm 500mm 19
102566 SBR12-L1000mm 12mm 1000mm Back-order
102529 SBR12-L3000mm 12mm 3000mm Pre-order
101661 SBR16-L500mm 16mm 500mm 27
101274 SBR16-L1000mm 16mm 1000mm 8
101387 SBR16-L1500mm 16mm 1500mm 1
101388 SBR16-L2000mm 16mm 2000mm Back-order
102442 SBR16-L2500mm 16mm 2500mm Back-order
102530 SBR16-L3000mm 16mm 3000mm Pre-order
101662 SBR20-L500mm 20mm 500mm Back-order
101663 SBR20-L1000mm 20mm 1000mm 28
101664 SBR20-L1500mm 20mm 1500mm 5
101630 SBR20-L2000mm 20mm 2000mm 6
102443 SBR20-L2500mm 20mm 2500mm Back-order
101631 SBR20-L3000mm 20mm 3000mm Back-order
102583 SBR25-L1000mm 25mm 1000mm 7
102584 SBR25-L1500mm 25mm 1500mm Back-order
102585 SBR25-L2000mm 25mm 2000mm 2
102586 SBR25-L2500mm 25mm 2500mm 2
102531 SBR25-L3000mm 25mm 3000mm 1

SBR Linear Bearing
SKU MPN# Width C C0 Diameter Length Stock Status Price (Excl.)
101536 SBR12UU 41mm 420N 610N 12mm 39mm 42
101397 SBR16UU 45mm 774N 1180N 16mm 45mm Back-order
101398 SBR16LUU 45mm 1548N 2360N 16mm 85mm Back-order
101633 SBR20UU 50mm 882N 1370N 20mm 49mm 1
102591 SBR20LUU 50mm 1764N 2740N 20mm 96mm Back-order
102588 SBR25UU 60mm 980N 1570N 25mm 65mm 14
102590 SBR25LUU 60mm 1960N 3140N 25mm 130mm Back-order